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LoadSimilar provides convenient context menu entries to load all tracks which have various peices of information in common with the selected track.

I created LoadSimilar because I enjoy listening to random mix playlists, but sometimes I hear a song and decide I would like to hear the entire album. Rather than manually dig the album out of my collection, LoadSimilar lets me just 'LoadSimilar By Album' and instantly the album will be loaded. While I was at it, I added the other options for good measure.

If you would like to be able to LoadSimilar by another peice of information (that is in the Amarok database) let me know, and I'll add it; it's very simple to add more criteria, it basically just involves writing a single SQL query.


LoadSimilar creates a menu in the context menu called LoadSimilar, with entries 'By Artist', 'By Album', 'By Genre', 'By Year',' By Score', and 'By Playcount'. Selecting one of these entries will cause LoadSimilar to find all tracks that have the named peice of data in common with the selected track, and load them to your playlist. Options to clear the playlist, or randomize your additions are togglable in the context menu.

By default, LoadSimilar will load a maximum of 300 tracks at once, and will clear your playlist before adding tracks, and not add randomly. All of these behavoirs can be easily customized by editing the top of the loadsimilar.py script.



I built LoadSimilar against a MySQL collection database. I have not verified that the SQL in LoadSimilar will work against other databases. If you try LoadSimilar on a different database, please let me know how it works.

GNU General Public License V2

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